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Workers' Compensation Attorney in Woodbridge, New Jersey

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Consult a Workers’ Compensation Attorney in Woodbridge, NJ

Are you thinking about filing for workers’ compensation? An attorney from Adams, Cassese & Papp L.L.C. can help. We have years of experience working with petitioners on workers’ comp claims.

Talk to a workers’ compensation attorney in Woodbridge, New Jersey now to get the financial assistance you need.

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3 Myths About Workers’ Compensation Law

False beliefs about workers’ compensation can keep injured employees from filing claims. Our attorneys can give you the truth about workers’ compensation law in Woodbridge, NJ. You might believe:

  1. You have to sue your employer for workers’ comp. A workers’ compensation attorney will help you file a claim, not a lawsuit.

  2. You have to be disabled or disfigured to file a claim. Any accident that affects your ability to work—temporarily or permanently—can lead to a claim.

  3. You weren’t following safety guidelines, so you’re ineligible. Even if you were at fault, you can still receive workers’ compensation benefits.

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