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Don't enter into a real estate transaction without speaking to a real estate law attorney at Adams, Cassese & Papp. We can help you with:The front of the Adams, Cassese & Papp L.L.C. office

  • Land use laws: Bring us your questions about zoning and easements.

  • Bad neighbors: Call us for legal advice or mediation regarding your problematic neighbors.

  • Mortgages and equity loans: Learn about the best ways to purchase and improve a property.

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Learn Your Rights Under Landlord-Tenant Law

Is your tenant failing to pay rent in Woodbridge, NJ? Is your landlord failing to make repairs? Landlord-tenant law is designed to protect both property owners and renters in a wide range of situations. Find out what your rights are by contacting a landlord-tenant law attorney in Woodbridge, NJ.

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